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Items are made upon order, turn around time is 2-3 weeks,
prophetic flags can take up to 5 weeks.

All silk flags come with flexi rods and are sold in sets of two flags. 
If you would like to have flags on spin rods, please go to the rod page, purchase the rods for $15 and add a note at check out to replace flexi rods with spin rods. Size of rods depend on the size of flag you order, they will be cut to fit the flags. A 0.98" fiber glass rod is used on single layer silk flags size 36x50/60 and 44x72. A .125" is used on double layer silk flags and on size 55x90.  Spin rods are .156

Please note: No two sets of hand painted flags are identical. Each set is cut and hand painted individually. 


flag size reference 

Size 36x60
Model Height: 4'11

Size 44x72
Model Height: 4'11

Size 55x90
Model Height: 4'11

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