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Important Information and Terms & Conditions


Please read item description carefully before placing an order to avoid any disappointments or issues.
If you have any further questions once you have received your products please send a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Orders are placed directly on the website, I cannot take orders by message or phone. If you accidently order the wrong items or size, your order will be cancelled and you will have to replace your order with the correct items. Your refund will show up in your bank statement after 2 or 3 business days so please review your shopping cart before making payment.  
I do not work on rush orders
No Refunds

Items are made upon order, fabrics and rods are cut and worked on once an order comes in. Therefore, we do not issue a refund on items that have already been shipped out, however you may cancel if your order has not yet gone out. Please note, no two sets of silk hand painted flags are identical, although very similar but, not identical. Colors may vary in tone although same dye is used. Some flags may have spots or freckles where the dye did not mix well, this is something I try to prevent as much as possible but, I cannot assure it will not happen. 

Size of rods depend on the size of the flags. Rods are cut to fit flags. Flags 36x50/60 have a 34" rod. Flags 44x72 and 55x90 have a 42-44" rod. Spin rods are 4" longer than the size of flag you order. 


Turn around time is 2-3 weeks. Brush painted flags can take up to 5 weeks which include the Lion of Judah and the Miracles on the cross. I do not give exact days on when your order will be received. 
Please allow 2 weeks for your order to be processed before contacting me. You will receive an email with your tracking number once the package is placed in mail.
Changes as of 4/6/22: Because of high increase in shipping cost, a new app was added to the website to get you the best shipping rate, I no longer purchase insurance for the packages, which I cannot make myself responsible for any lost or damage packages once they are placed in mail. Please check that your address is correct, if a package comes back for an insufficient or wrong address, your will be responsible to pay the re-shipping cost. 
Pick up is available ONLY for local customers form the RGV. If you select pick up being from out of Texas, you will not pay shipping but the website will automatically charge taxes so your order will have to be cancelled, please avoid this error.
A partial refund will be sent to you if you overpay for shipping, that, will only be determined when package label is created. 

International Shipping

Packages out of the states ,may take 2-6 weeks to receive after its been shipped out. 
Some countries may have a delivery fee for international packages, please check with your local post office. 
Shipping cost is high but if you over pay, you will receive a refund for over payment that will be determined when shipping label is created. 

How to care for flags

Silk flags may be iron on med-high, they may be hand wash and line dry extended without colors touching. Dyes will run when wet, keep flags away for your water bottles. Silk flags are very delicate and will easily tear if pulled on, so roll up when not in use and preferably store in bag to protect them. Lame flags are not recommended to iron or wash. Do not keep lame flags in hot vehicles and direct sun light, it will ruin the lame and the heat will melt the glue on the velcro, flags and rods have. Keep rolled up when not in use to prevent them from getting wrinkles. If you do decide to iron lame flags, iron with a protective cloth over it. If flags are damaged once you receive your package, they will NOT be exchanged, so please take good care of your worship tools.  

For any other information you may contact me by email at or by chat.
Messages will be answered from
Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm CT.
Thank you
Ivette Reyes


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